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Satin Lycra Shirts

Satin Lycra Shirts, Satin lycra is a type of stretchy, shiny fabric that has a smooth finish. It's often used to make dresses and tops, as it drapes beautifully over the body and has a great shine. Satin lycra is breathable, so it helps keep you cool while you wear it. Shirts made from this material also wick away moisture, so it will keep one’s skin dry and comfortable.


Jacky Angel is committed to providing a variety of quality merchandise for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. Take a look at some samples below, and contact us with details to get more info and order. 



Jacky Angel, the founder and head designer of the factory, has an experience of over 40 years in the textile industry.


His unique designs are worn by millions of people around the world under different labels such as Lacoste, Versace, Renuar, Father and Sons, Massimo Dutti and many more.  

We help your ideas become a reality by first understanding your business and creative needs.


From drafting through technical drawings, illustrations, and graphics to the final artwork, all ideas are presented to you in concrete form before production.


We can both perfect your existing designs or create designs from scratch in line with your brand strategy. We provide drawings or renderings early in the process so you can be sure the end result is just like you envision. 



Fabric and Accessories

We provide unlimited options for your clothing line including different fabrics, textures, linings, button variations in one place.


We hold a wide selection of materials ready in our stock to make everything fast and easy. Our stock makes us one of the only manufacturers that can produce immediately when an order is received.

We alternatively can source or produce any kind of fabric, button or other accessory your envision via our wide network of suppliers. 



Prototyping and Sampling

For each order we create a prototype for your approval, allowing you to test the functionality of your design. After you approve the samples, we commence bulk clothing production. 

Choosing Fabric

Once your products are produced, we clean and pack them to deliver to you. Our packaging is designed to protect our products and keep them safe during transportation.


You can also select packaging that easily recycled, to minimize waste and help protect the environment. If you need special packaging for your shirts, so it will be easier to send to stores or customers, just let us know.


Once your order is complete and has been quality checked for the last time, we deliver your shirts via our network of reliable global couriers. Whether you prefer receiving your shirts ASAP via plane or in a budget-friendly option, we have access to couriers who can deliver every order in line with your needs, timeframe and budget. 

It's All About Trust

Today, Jacky Angel Shirts is one of the leaders in the industry - and we wouldn’t be where we are without our customers. We believe in building a strong business partnership based on mutual trust.  


We are incredibly proud of the long-lasting partnerships we've created with each company.


Let's start our journey together.



What is the Satin Lycra Shirts? 

Satin Lycra Shirts, Satin lycra is a type of stretchy, shiny fabric that has a smooth finish.

Details About Satin Lycra Shirts ?

It's often used to make dresses and tops, as it drapes beautifully over the body and has a great shine.

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