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We have a zero tolerance policy towards child labor, forced labor, discrimination, harassment and abuse. We are proud to be a part of the #FashionRevolution movement, making every area of our operation completely transparent. We are committed to provide a healthy and secure work environment for all employees. 



We believe social compliance is vital to the fashion industry. Our workplace standards are 100% compliant to Turkey’s local laws and regulations. We account with our own Code of Conduct since the founding of the factory. 

Our Code of Ethics in Manufacturing focuses on the good health, safety and fair compensation of our employees. 

What does ethical manufacturing mean? 

  • First of all, it means that we treat employees of all levels with respect.

  • Our employees are paid more than a fair, legal wage - they are paid a living wage, on time, each month. 

  • Employees work legal and reasonable hours and are working at-will. 

  • We have a safe work environment where repairs are made and safety equipment is available.

  • All our employees receive benefits and time off. 

If you have manufacturing work that needs doing please contact us!

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