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Shirt Production

Our private label shirt manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey is equipped with the latest technology and a 120-employee team that is in line with ethical and environmental regulations. For more than 25 years, we have been providing quality service to men's shirts brands with our manufacturing capabilities.


With these manufacturing capabilities, we have continued our private label clothing production in Turkey with quality resources and transparent service. In the production of shirts for men, we provide the latest technology and attention to detail in all steps of the process: from the client’s techpack and fabric sourcing to sampling and production to quality control.

As a Turkish dress shirt factory, we follow all the changing trends in fashion. We are working with the best companies for fabric sourcing and accessories accompanied by the latest techniques to offer you the highest quality and newest products in. Following your orders, we carry out our services with high standards in order to meet the expectations of both the brands and the final consumers with the highest quality.


One of the reasons many customers choose to work with  Jacky Angel Shirts is the wide range of fabrics available in stock. Having fabrics in stock allows us to produce your valuable designs with the highest speed. We also design, develop and manufacture all kinds of fabrics with the highest quality according to your specifications. By offering a wide range of services, we respond to the needs of all kinds of brands, whole salers and end consumers.

Jacky Angel, one of the best private label shirt manufacturers in Turkey, offers you unique shirts by embodying your designs with the latest technology and the latest quality. Turkish men's shirt manufacturer Jacky Angel has carried its name to an influential and distinguished point in men's shirts in Turkey for more than 25 years with its quality service, which is a perfect blend of elegance and state-of-the-art production techniques. Together with the manufacturer’s the attention to detail, each shirt produced by Jacky Angel brings results in a superior quality that will be admired.

We work with great care for each of our diverse clients from all over the world.This is a hallmark of the quality of the service we provide. We continue to produce luxury men's shirts while maintaining excellent standards, thanks to the detailed and quality service we offer to each of them.

With the latest technology available in our production facilities, we bring our fabric quality together with the craftsmanship they deserve. At this point, as a manufacturer of men's shirts in Turkey for more than 25 years, we are experiencing the justified pride of representing men's shirts with high standards. In the service we offer, we use the latest computer programmed machines in order to provide the products in the fastest and highest quality way for the producers and consumers. Our etiquette machine is a part of this line.  Every step we take in our manufacturing process is based on quality: we source highest quality fabrics and accessories at an affordable price.

As a private label clothing manufacturer in Turkey, we do not deprive newly established or preparing to be established brands of the quality of service and our attentive attitude. For this reason, we receive orders to design, shape and produce private labels with a low  quantity order. You can choose what you want from the wide range of quality fabrics and shirt accessories available in our facilities. Apart from the existing accessories, we also design the accessories you want to be designed especially for you.

If you have manufacturing work that needs doing please contact us!

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