Shirt Production

Our private label shirt manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey is equipped with the latest technology and a 120-employee team that is in line with ethical and environmental regulations. 

We keep up with technical advancements, latest fabrics and accessories to better suit the changing trends in fashion. It starts with the best quality of fabrics.


One of the most important aspects of Jacky Angel Shirts is its vast range of fabrics available in stock. This allows us to manufacture shirts at the highest speed. We also design, develop and manufacture fabrics of any type to your specifications at the highest level of quality.

As one of the best private label shirt manufacturers, Jacky Angel provides shirts that are unique - a perfect mix of elegance and state of the art manufacturing techniques, resulting in a high end product that can be appreciated by its attention to detail.

We successfully work with a diverse range of clients from around the world and maintain standards of excellence in delivering luxury men's shirts. 

State of the art production facilities. We utilize the latest computer programmed machines to provide both quick and high quality shirt production. Our etiquette machine is a part of this line.  

Designing, styling and manufacturing private labels, we provide an option of a low quantity of orders. Contact us, present your label, and either choose your shirt accessories from the wide range of available options in our facilities or tell us what you have in your mind and we will design it especially for your brand. 

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