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Why Wearing Shirts for Dinner is Always a Good Idea

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

It is always a good idea to present yourself as best as you can when you are out there, socializing with peers - especially if the occasion involves a nice dinner you will be sure to remember for quite a while!

Dinners allow us to catch up with our loved ones, create lasting bonds with our colleagues, explore new business opportunities, or simply enjoy the night.

For that reason, it is usually customary to wear a nice shirt and a fitting pair of pants to signal your peers that you are indeed invested in the night as much as they are - and are willing to put in some effort to show this is the case!

Selecting the right shirts for dinners can be a challenge of its own though as trends of the day, weather, the place you are to dine can all factor into this choice. Below are some of our favorite types of shirts you can consider when going out for a nice dinner!

Types of Shirts You Can Wear for Dinner

While not an exhaustive list, here are some choices you could consider when you are invited to, or hosting a, dinner.

1. Linen Shirts

The choice of those who are looking for a trendy, classy yet comfortable shirt!

Linen is one of the most durable fabrics available, making it an excellent choice fo

r shirts that are meant to last. Its strength and durability help it retain its shape and color over time, even with frequent wear and laundering. It is also known for allowing air to circulate through the fabric and keeping you cool in hot weather.

The fabric has a timeless, sophisticated look that never goes out of style. Linen is also a natural fiber derived from flax plants, making it an eco-friendly choice for clothing. It requires very little energy and water to produce, making it a sustainable fabric option.

Despite its sustainable and modest production method, linen has a luxurious aura that makes it perfect for special occasions or dressier events. Its smooth texture makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day while still looking good enough to wear out at night - or even to the beach!

2. Satin Shirts:

Nothing signals you are ready for the most elegant night out more than a nice satin shirt!

Satin shirts are one of our all time favorites! A smooth shirt that is usually made of 100% cotton or a high percentage of cotton with a bit of elastane to make it look perfect in a slim fit. They typically have a smooth, glossy surface and a soft, slippery feel. Satin shirts are often used as formal wear, and they can also be used to make stylish casual outfits.

They are available in a variety of colors and styles so the wearer will always have the option to opt for what looks good on them, depending on the occasion of course.

3. Printed Shirts:

Whether a colorful design of vintage cars on poplin or a subtle print of dots on satin, you can select a printed shirt for every occasion to show your color.

Print shirts with cars, birds and umbrellas
Here are some bold print shirts: vintage cars, ships, umbrellas, flamingos and tucans. What would you wear to dinner?

While printed shirts cannot be considered a specific type of shirt on their own, their unique characteristics differentiates them from more plain options. Printed shirts are usually adorned with a certain motif to both compliment the base color of the shirt and also to add a little bit of novelty to signal the wearer is in an easy going and rather casual mood. They are, however, shirts afterall and can be worn for multiple demanding occasions such as a nice night with the family or when you are in a classic restaurant during your holidays. Perhaps a little bit more lighthearted than classic plain satin shirts, they are still incredibly popular among men of all ages!

As with most classic shirts, printed shirts usually come in cotton among other varieties. To find out why cotton is the most preferred option for such shirts - along with other details about why it is the industry standard - you can read our article where we explore the use of the material in detail!

Jacky Angel: Quality Private Label Dress Shirt Manufacturer

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Is there a wrong choice when it comes to selecting the right shirt for dinner?

Absolutely not - but there could be better options depending on the occasion. However, instead of wrong ones.

Does weather have an effect on what shirt to wear for dinner?

Even though the weather does not directly affect the type of shirt you could wear to a dinner, it is commonly accepted that linen shirts are better suited for summer days while cotton, satin fare well in colder temperatures!

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