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Istanbul’s Clothing Manufacturers: Europe’s Emerging Ally

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

As part of the European ecosystem, Turkey has always been a reliable and versatile trade partner of Europe - whether via imports or exports. However, it is no secret that the scene is experiencing a robust growth during the last couple of years with the country presenting itself as an alternative for various industries dependent on manufacturing of quality goods - such as fashion.

One core reason for that is the fact that Istanbul is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. With a population of over 17 million, Istanbul has become a hub for international trade and commerce. Thus, as mentioned, the city is also home to a thriving clothing manufacturing industry that is quickly becoming one of the European fashion industry’s most steadfast allies since Istanbul’s clothing manufacturers are known for their quality, affordability, and innovation.

But how did the city become such a lightning rod for everything related to fashion - especially when it comes to the manufacturing and production side of things?

3 Reasons Why Istanbul is Increasing Its Prevalence for Europe Clothing Manufacturers

Istanbul especially has a reputation of being a tried-and-true location for all types of clothing manufacturing, including private label shirts, an area we excel at. You can read about how the city secures itself such a position via our article here - but with every how, there is also a why, and that is the angle we want to explore this week.

Without further ado, here are three top reasons why Istanbul’s prevalence has only kept increasing.

1. Cost Savings: Istanbul offers significant cost savings compared to other European cities due to its competitive currency policies and trade initiatives, making it an attractive option for clothing manufacturers. The city offers competitive wages compared to other parts of Turkey and similar cities in Europe, and has a significantly lower cost of living than other major European cities. Additionally, the city's low taxes, relatively low energy costs and reliable infrastructure make it an ideal location for clothing manufacturers.

2. Access to Expertise: Istanbul is a hub for skilled labor in the textile industry, with numerous universities and vocational schools offering courses in garment manufacturing. This provides access to a pool of highly-skilled workers who are well-versed in the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Additionally, the city boasts a large number of trade associations that offer training and resources to help businesses stay up to date on the latest advances in the industry and access a diverse range of talents looking to develop their skills.

3. Location: Logistics is everything - and Istanbul sure is a logistics hub! Istanbul’s strategic location between Europe and Asia makes it a prime location for clothing manufacturers looking to take advantage of both markets. The city is also easily accessible from other major cities, allowing businesses to quickly move goods from production to market. Additionally, its proximity to Turkey’s ports and two major international airports makes it an ideal location for companies that want to export their products abroad or visit the city to see what the fuss is all about!

All of these factors combine to make Istanbul an increasingly attractive destination for clothing manufacturers looking to expand their operations into Europe. From denim to formalwear, Istanbul’s clothing manufacturers are creating stylish, fashionable clothing lines that appeal to a global market!

Jacky Angel, Proudly Istanbulite for Decades

Named after our founder, Jacky Angel, Jacky Angel shirts continues to be an influential private label shirt producer in the established Turkish manufacturing market. With more than 25 years of experience behind our back, and empowered by a team of 120 colleagues all equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to craft the best shirts our industry have to offer, we are able to accommodate your business needs in a timely, effective and high-quality manner. Thanks to our understanding of market trends and an eye for quality and elegance, we are able to provide the result you want - and in a way you want it!

Please feel free to contact us for your inquiries or just to say hello via our contact form - we hope to get in touch with you soon!


Q: What is the future outlook for Istanbul's Clothing Manufacturers industry?

A: The future outlook for Istanbul's Clothing Manufacturers industry looks positive, with continued growth expected in the coming years! As businesses around the world continue to seek out high-quality products at affordable prices, Istanbul's clothing manufacturers are well positioned to meet this demand and become an even more important partner of European designers.

Q: What types of clothing products can be manufactured in Istanbul?


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