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Building Brands for Exclusive Men: Shirt Exporter, Your New Business Partners

Updated: May 27, 2023

These days, business is usually done on a global scale to increase your reach and to maximize your strength - but is your brand ready to penetrate one of the most prized markets of all, the European Market?

As experienced private label shirt manufacturers, we can assist your business needs by producing, maintaining, designing and shipping your orders - but ensuring your clientele meets your brand is a feat that requires input from other parties. However, thanks to our decades in the industry and especially our global range of operations that focus on the European market, we believe that we can provide some crucial tips for any brand owners or managers to further boost their brand recognition efforts and export their products into the market of their choosing in a successful manner.

Without further ado, here are 3 tips for men’s shirt exporters to find success in any market they see fit - especially European ones!

3 Tips for Men’s Shirt Exporters to Successfully Enter the European Market

Europe is a tough nut to crack, we know, but we are here to provide some crucial tips for your brand to either kick things off in the right manner - or to generate change that will resonate with your clientele!

Focus on Quality: As one of the wealthier markets, European consumers are known for their discerning tastes and high standards for quality. As such, it's important for men's shirt exporters to prioritize quality in their products, including fabric selection, stitching, and finishing. Using high-quality materials and ensuring consistent quality control can help build a reputation for excellence in the European market!

Embrace Sustainable Practices: Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for European consumers, and exporters who prioritize sustainable practices may have a competitive advantage when it comes to brand recognition and marketing. This can include using eco-friendly materials, minimizing waste, and adopting ethical labor practices. Communicating a commitment to sustainability can help build trust and loyalty among European consumers.

We also realize that an increasing number of consumers recognize the importance of having a sustainable supply chain - making this a clear advantage to have over your competitors. That is why we, as Jacky Angel, have ramped up our efforts to be as sustainable as possible so we can benefit our planet and our clientele even more! You can check out our previous article to explore how and why we managed to succeed here.

Build a Strong Online Presence: In today's digital age, a strong online presence is essential for businesses looking to enter new markets. Men shirt exporters should invest in a professional website, social media channels, and digital marketing strategies to reach and engage with European consumers. This can include targeted advertising campaigns, influencer partnerships, and engaging content that showcases the unique qualities of their products.

As your partner in the fashion industry, no matter what you need, you can always contact us to inquire about your questions and tap into our experience - we are here to help you succeed!

Jacky Angel, Your Partner in Export

Named after our founder, Jacky Angel, Jacky Angel shirts continues to be an influential private label shirt producer in the established Turkish manufacturing market. With more than 25 years of experience behind our back, and empowered by a team of 120 colleagues all equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to craft the best shirts our industry have to offer, we are able to accommodate your business needs in a timely, effective and high-quality manner. Thanks to our understanding of market trends and an eye for quality and elegance, we are able to provide the result you want - and in a way you want it!

Please feel free to contact us for your inquiries or just to say hello via our contact form - we hope to get in touch with you soon!


Q: What are the benefits of exporting men's shirts to Europe?

A: Exporting men's shirts to Europe can provide access to a large consumer base, high disposable incomes, and favorable trade agreements. European consumers are also known for their fashion-consciousness, making it a potentially lucrative market for men's shirt exporters who can offer unique and stylish designs.

Q: What are the key regulations and standards for exporting men's shirts to Europe?

A: There are various regulations and standards that men shirt exporters need to comply with when exporting to Europe. These include regulations on labeling, safety, and environmental standards. For example, shirts must be labeled with care instructions, fiber content, and size, among other details. It's important for exporters to familiarize themselves with these regulations and ensure their products meet the necessary requirements - regulations we comply with thanks to our advanced production methods and factory!

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