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Benefits of Choosing Quality Wholesale Bamboo Shirts

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Times are changing, that is for certain - and one of the clearest signs of this change is the fact that more and more consumers are now in the market for more sustainable clothing options. But sustainability seldom means a blank check from sacrificing quality, thus it is becoming a challenge for many shirts producers to both introduce eco-friendly products into their line of clothing and offer them without compromising on quality.

That is why bamboo has presented itself as a material that is now high in demand due to its environment friendly qualities and its durability, ease to wear and breathability with many brands and professionals looking for ways to introduce shirts made out of bamboo to their clientele.

That is why it is a material we are also deeply invested in.

As Jacky Angel, we are working hard to overcome these challenges - and with hundreds of global clients favoring our wholesale bamboo shirts, we would like to believe that we are succeeding in doing so.

Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Wholesale Bamboo Shirts

We understand how your wholesale bamboo shirts purchase might be uncharted waters to navigate, and thus we wanted to assist your process by offering some tips and tricks. Here are some things you should look out for - and some you should avoid!

Do ensure you are looking for quality materials, like 100% bamboo or a blend of bamboo and organic cotton.

Do try and choose styles that fit your target demographic.

Do your best to source shirts that are ethically sourced and produced. This is also important to ensure the purchase you are about to make is aligned with sustainability practices of our times to mitigate the environmental damage production can cause - something we excel at preventing. You can read all about our way of producing bamboo shirts here!

Do ensure that the wholesaler is reliable and has a good reputation!

There are also some avenues you should cover when you are about to order wholesale bamboo shirts for either personal or business needs, such as;

Don’t buy from wholesalers with no guarantee of quality or customer service. This way, you can ensure your entire journey can be completed without major issues.

Don’t skimp on quality - check the fabric composition and construction of the shirts before buying in bulk.

Don’t ignore safety regulations and make sure that the manufacturer complies with legal and industry standard measures.

● Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions - make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money before placing an order.

As Jacky Angel, we have proudly served our global clientele with quality and customer satisfaction in mind for decades and have tailored our production, delivery and operation capabilities to comply with all of the aforementioned Do’s and and Don’ts to ensure we can offer the best possible service within the industry!

Jack Angel: Where Sustainable Production Meets Quality

Named after our founder, Jacky Angel, Jacky Angel shirts continues to be an influential private label shirt producer in the established Turkish manufacturing market. With more than 25 years of experience behind our back, and empowered by a team of 120 colleagues all equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to craft the best shirts our industry have to offer, we are able to accommodate your business needs in a timely, effective and high-quality manner. Thanks to our understanding of market trends and an eye for quality and elegance, we are able to provide the result you want - and in a way you want it!

Please feel free to contact us for your inquiries or just to say hello via our contact form - we hope to get in touch with you soon!


Q: Can bamboo shirts be machine washed?

A: Yes, bamboo shirts can be machine washed, but it is recommended to wash them in cold water and hang dry to preserve the fabric's softness and reduce the risk of shrinkage.

Q: Are bamboo shirts more expensive than cotton shirts?

A: Bamboo shirts can be slightly more expensive than cotton shirts, but the price difference can vary depending on the brand and quality of the shirt. In general, bamboo shirts are considered a higher-end product due to the softness of the fabric and the sustainability benefits.

If you are in the market for something more affordable, then it might also be a good idea to check out our article on benefits of working with casual suppliers if affordability is your main concern!

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