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Ask Us Anything on Shirts!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


Fashion industry, and private label production, is full of nooks and crannies that require one’s full attention to ensure no costly mistakes are made - and we are here to ensure that is indeed the case! From selection of materials to production processes, or from shipment procedures to aftercare, Jacky Angel is here to assist your business needs thanks to our decades of experience in Istanbul, one of the most bustling textile cities in the world.

If you are in the market for private label purchases for your fashion brand or are looking to secure a deal in wholesale clothing, please refer to our FAQ section to find out more about any and all questions you might have. Of course, if this guide fails to satisfy your initial question, you can always contact us via our contact form and inquire about your order details.

What is private label clothing production?

Private label clothing production refers to the process of manufacturing clothing items, such as shirts, under a brand name that is owned by the company ordering the production.

So, you can provide us with your own design, specifications, and labeling choices while we take care of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

What types of shirts do you offer for private label production?

We offer a variety of shirt styles for private label production such as dress shirts, long-sleeve shirts, casual shirts and more. We can also accommodate custom requests for specific styles or fabric choices as we have access to a variety of materials and can also manufacture or print on any fabric to accommodate your business needs.

What is the minimum order quantity for private label shirts?

We have the capacity to handle large production runs, while still providing personalized service and attention to detail for smaller orders.

Our minimum order quantity for private label shirts is 500 shirts in total. Within the 500 shirts you can select a few colors or styles. The minimum order per color and style is an 70 shirts. This is because a fabric roll runs around 100m.

We can accommodate smaller orders as well, but the unit price may be higher for those batches due to fixed expenses. We suggest our clients order in bulk to significantly decrease costs.

What is the lead time for private label shirt production?

The lead time for private label shirt production may vary depending on the specific project requirements, such as shirt style, fabric choice, design details, and order quantity. On average, our lead time for private label shirt production is a week to two weeks from the time the final design is approved but please keep in mind that if we have the required material at hand, and if the specifications align with our expectations, it could be much less!

Please contact us via our contact form and inquire about your order details!

Do you offer fabric sourcing for private label shirts?

Yes, we offer fabric sourcing services for private label shirt production. Our team can help you find and source the right fabric for your project, based on your specific needs and requirements. We are operating under the same name for decades and have excellent relationships with both local and global range of suppliers so we can always source the right material in a timely manner!

How do you ensure the quality of private label shirts?

We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure the highest quality of private label shirts. Our team thoroughly inspects each shirt during various stages of production, from cutting and sewing to final packaging, to ensure that all shirts meet our high standards. We are supported by our colleagues who excel in what they do and we operate high-end machinery that are routinely checked by our team of experts. Thus, we get a chance to combine the human eye for attention with technological finesse!

Can you produce shirts in different sizes and fits?

Yes, we can produce shirts in a variety of sizes and fits, including standard, slim, and relaxed fits. We can also accommodate custom size requests for specific projects.

Do you offer samples? How does the sampling process work?

Yes, we do offer samples to ensure you can assess the quality of the final product. We may require that you provide us with specific measurements or other details to ensure proper fit, and we may offer size samples for approval prior to production.

Can you print or embroider logos on private label shirts?

Yes, we offer both printing and embroidery services for private label shirts. We can accommodate a variety of printing techniques to meet your specific needs and requirements.

How do you handle packaging and labeling for private label shirts?

We handle all packaging and labeling for private label shirts in accordance with your specific requirements. We can provide individual packaging or bulk packaging, and we can add your private label branding and labeling to suit your business needs.

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